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For general heat index check out, the hot chile pyramid..


Chile or Chili

Both work fine. Take your pick.

Either way, after you eat a hot one, you know what it is!

How should I dry Chile Peppers?

There are several ways to dry peppers but my favorite is to slow dry them in a warm and dry environment. After I pick or buy peppers I will place them on a piece of wood or a plate for 1-2 weeks. This technique works well for preparing seeds too.

A faster method is to place the peppers into the oven for 12 or more hours depending on the type of pepper.

Some people smoke dry peppers in their meat smokers.

How do I get rid of the burning in my mouth, eyes or other places?

If your mouth is burning up I recommend drinking milk, eating yogurt or sour cream. Additionally these work well for hands and fingers. I don't use them for eyes because the tears usually do the best job.

What makes peppers hot?

There is a chemical in many peppers called capsaicin, hence the other name for peppers called capsicums. This chemical reacts with mucus membrane and other sensitive skin areas of your body.

Are peppers healthy to eat and are ther medicinal uses for peppers?

Peppers are loaded with vitamin C. Also peppers are used in ointments for sore muscles. I think since they make my food taste better, they are good for me.

What is the hottest pepper?

The habaneros are the hottest pepper. Some types are hotter than others. The Red Savina is supposed to be the hottest of the Habaneros but I have trouble believing that. I have had peppers such as the arbol superhot that I think were hotter than habaneros.

How is the heat level of chile measured?

There are two techniques, liquid chromatography and Scovell Units. Liquid Chromatogaphy is used by large companys like Schilling and McCormick. The Chromatigraph is a very expensive machine. Scoville Units are more subject and measured by taste. I will have more information about both techniques in the future.

For general heat index check out, the hot chili pyramid..

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